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FDI Center's Director, Dr. Kim J. Zietlow spoke at this year Data Natives Conference on the role of government in building innovation and startup ecosystems around artificial intelligence and which role investment promotion agencies (IPAs) can play in strategically attracting companies, research institutes, and talent.
FDI Center has released a study on key performance indicators used by investment promotion agencies (IPAs) around the world. The study provides practical information and advice for IPAs to measure and communicate their performance. In addition to a review of frequently used performance indicators, the study offers guidance on data collection and analysis and provides examples of best practices in IPA performance evaluation.
FDI Center’s Managing Director, Andreas Dressler, moderated two panels at the OECD’s “strengthening sustainable investment policies: FDI Qualities Ministerial Council Meeting” in Paris. The focus of this event was on how sustainable investment policies can support the COVID-19 recovery, advance the 2030 agenda on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on climate change, and help to secure livelihoods for future generations.