Advanced FDI Leadership Programme

In partnership with the Møller Institute, University of Cambridge, FDI Center offers the Advanced Foreign Direct Investment Leadership Programme, a FDI training course for investment promotion professionals and executives from all countries, states and cities around the world.

In person at the Møller Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge
Tuesday 28 - 31 May 2024 or
Monday 4 - Thursday 7 November 2024

Hear from the teaching team

Members of the teaching team, together with a previous participant, share details of what you can expect from the Advanced Foreign Direct Investment Leadership Programme.

What to expect

The Advanced Foreign Direct Investment Leadership Programme is a four day, in person FDI training course with a limited amount of participants. The programme contains lectures from academics and industry experts with opportunities for group work and collective discussion. 

What you will gain

The programme enhances the knowledge and skills that investment promotion leaders need to successfully engage with investors while managing their teams and stakeholders. This programme will enable you to:

  • Understand the global environment in which investment promotion agencies operate and the factors that have the greatest influence on their ability to attract investment.
  • Gain insight into the decision-making processes of corporate investors and the key determinants of their international expansion strategies and location choices.
  • Acquire practical knowledge for developing and implementing successful investment promotion strategies.
  • Strengthen the leadership skills needed to create and manage high performance investment promotion agencies and teams.


The Møller Institute is an approved provider of Executive Education meeting the standards set by the University of Cambridge Board of Executive and Professional Education (B.E.P.E). A certificate of attendance will be issued upon successful completion of the programme carrying the B.E.P.E logo. The certificate can also be added to your LinkedIn profile. 

What alumni say

In the end of programme feedback surveys, the course averaged a score of 8.5 out of 10 for participant satisfaction.

Indicative teaching team

The programme will be overseen by Programme Directors, Andreas Dressler, Managing Director of FDI Center and Richard Hill, Head of Knowledge & Learning at The Møller Institute.

Sessions will be delivered by a select group of corporate executives, University of Cambridge professors and senior representatives of some of the world’s leading investment promotion agencies. The faculty provides an unmatched combination of real-world experience and academic depth. Members of the teaching team include those shown below. The accurate list of speakers for each cohort will be listed in the brochure. 

Professor Tim Minshall, Head of Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

Kathy Khuu, Global Head, Responsible Business (Policy and Advocacy) at Shell International

Ana Novik, Head of the Investment Division at OECD

Andreas Dressler, Managing Director at FDI Center

Photo of Sergil Tacioglu

Serpil Tascioglu, Director of Foods Transformation at Unilever

Photo of Richard Macklin

Richard Macklin, Executive Leadership Coach

Nicola Watkinson, Managing Director, International Trade and Investment at TheCityUK

Danny Lopez, CEO at Glasswall

Upcoming course dates

Tuesday 28 – 31 May 2024

Monday 4 – Thursday 7 November 2024