Picture of new report published by FDI Center on KPIs in investment attraction

FDI Center releases report on key performance indicators in investment attraction

FDI Center has released a study on key performance indicators used by investment promotion agencies (IPAs) around the world. The study provides practical information and advice for IPAs to measure and communicate their performance. In addition to a review of frequently used performance indicators, the study offers guidance on data collection and analysis and provides examples of best practices in IPA performance evaluation.

IPAs are under more pressure than ever to generate results. In addition to their core mandate of attracting capital and creating employment, they are increasingly being asked to contribute to a greater number of economic and social objectives, including innovation, digitalization, regional development, inclusiveness, sustainability and talent attraction. In many cases, the performance indicators that IPAs use have not caught up with the broader set of objectives that IPAs are being asked to achieve. This creates the risk that the value of IPAs (and of attracting investment) is not fully captured and understood.

Measuring performance is essential for all IPAs, both for enhancing their strategy and internal operations as well as for communicating their impact to stakeholders. The study will help IPAs to enhance their performance measurement and demonstrate the true value they generate for their countries, regions and cities. You can download the study here.

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