Promotional graphic of the 27th World Investment Conference in New Dehli on 11 - 14 December 2023 by WAIPA and Invest India.

FDI Center to participate in the 27th World Investment Conference (WIC) by WAIPA 

FDI Center will participate in WAIPA’s 27th World Investment Conference (WIC) on 11 – 14 December in New Dehli. The WIC is a forum where IPAs convene to address current economic and social issues that may affect global investment flows and other strategic and policy considerations. The theme of this year’s event is “Empowering Investors: IPAs Pioneering Future Growth.” Managing Director, Andreas Dressler will be representing FDI Center and participating in multiple sessions across the conference.  

On December 11 at 15:30 – 17:00 in the Grand Ball room, Andreas will deliver a workshop on “How to prepare winning investor pitches”. Participants in this session will learn how to prepare presentations and pitches that appeal to investors and show their location in the best light. The session will provide practical techniques and examples for creating focused, compelling, and relevant content that reflects the requirements of potential investors and highlights the relevant attributes of your location in the most effective way. The masterclass will provide valuable tips for those IPAs participating in the IPA-Investor Connect sessions on December 13. 

In addition to this session, Andreas will also be conducting a training workshop on “Investor Targeting” exclusively for Indian state IPAs on December 12. This workshop will delve into how IPAs can use a more targeted and proactive approach to identify and engage with the most promising investors for their location. He will also be moderating an industry session where IPAs will have the opportunity to present to corporate investors on December 13.  

FDI Center would like to thank WAIPA for the invitation to participate and we look forward to a great conference.  

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