Sarah Jaax with Bekim Xhafa at the Investment Management Exhibition (IME) in Frankfurt 2022.

FDI Center speaks at the Investment Management Exhibition in Frankfurt

On September 8 and 9, 2022, FDI Center‘s Senior Consultant Sarah Jaax attended the Investment Management Exhibition (IME) in Frankfurt. Representatives of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) from around the world as well as experts on foreign direct investment (FDI) met for two days to discuss FDI trends and the relationship between FDI and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As part of the Investment Management Exhibition, Sarah held a presentation on why the fifth SDG, gender equality, matters in the context of FDI, how to promote female leadership and gender equality within an investment promotion agency (IPA) and how to incorporate gender equality into an investment strategy. Promoting female leadership is critical to addressing inequality within an organisation as well as decreasing inequality and poverty in wider society. Additionally, numerous studies have proven that gender equality also has economic benefits. Sarah’s presentation highlighted the results of FDI Center’s survey of IPAs’ attitudes and actions related to gender equality, both within their organisations as well as with respect to their investment attraction strategies.

For more detail on FDI Center’s work on gender equality and FDI,  please register for our next webinar on how IPAs can promote gender equality through the types of investment they attract.

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