Image of Andreas Dressler's interview for Real FDI publication on IPA and institutional investor relations

FDI Center interviewed on fostering stronger IPA – institutional investor relations

Managing Director, Andreas Dressler was featured in Real Asset Insight’s October edition of their Next FDI publication in an interview about the need for investment promotion organizations to build stronger relationships to institutional investors and vice versa.  

Within the interview, Andreas credits the importance of institutional investors for their role in creating the physical product that investors come and invest in. He stresses the need for more interaction between IPAs and institutional investors so that IPAs can ensure that incoming investment is aligned with the target sectors they are trying to attract. Thus, avoiding a misalignment of the type of investment IPAs are trying to attract versus what institutional investors are actually investing in and building up.  

In terms of how they can collaborate, Andreas notes that IPAs, with their extensive knowledge of their regions, can provide institutional investors with local opportunities. In return, institutional investors, given their close relationship to investors and thus knowledge of their expansions and other plans, can share this information with IPAs.  

Andreas also advises how IPAs could they carry out their outreach and work more closely with institutional investors. He recommends that frequent collaboration and communication, as well as longer-term planning between the two as to how they can work together to create an overall package and improve the product as a whole, would be a good starting point for closer IPA- institutional investor collaboration.  

The article is a print version of an interview held in Warsaw at the CEE Summit, Central and Eastern Europe’s prime real estate conference. The piece can be viewed on Real Asset Insight’s website here. 

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