Cover image to promote interview with Vanessa Séverin, Investment Commissioner for Europe at Invest Chile, on the topic of generating results through aftercare.

Interview with Vanessa Séverin on generating results through investor aftercare on March 20 

On Monday March 20th at 16:00 (CET), Managing Director and moderator, Andreas Dressler will be joined by Vanessa Séverin, Investment Commissioner for Europe at InvestChile for an interview on the topic: “Generating results through investor aftercare”.  

Vanessa joined InvestChile as an investment promotion executive in 2012 and since then has held a series of other roles, including Head of Investor Relations & Aftercare and Head of Subnational Coordination and Business Ecosystems. Prior to InvestChile, she worked in the private sector, in consulting companies specialized in international expansion and business development. She graduated in Political Science and holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Bordeaux. 

The interview will cover a range of questions on the topic of aftercare, including:    

  • Why investment promotion agencies should dedicate resources to aftercare and the potential returns relative to new investments 
  • Achieving the right balance between helping existing investors resolve problems and identifying opportunities for them to expand 
  • Identifying partners in the public and private sector that can help to assist existing foreign investors and obtaining their support 
  • How IPAs can select priority companies for aftercare and provide different levels of aftercare support 
  • How Invest Chile has used aftercare to promote gender equality and other sustainable development goals 

The interview is expected to last approximately 30 minutes and will be livestreamed via LinkedIn. To watch the interview, please join the event on LinkedIn 

This interview is the second interview of a monthly repeating interview series as part of the Towards Gender Equality in FDI initiative. Every month, female guest speakers will be invited to speak about a particular aspect of foreign direct investment and investment promotion. These very practical conversations will highlight best practices and explore the intersection of FDI and gender equality. 

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