Picture to promote interview with Didi Caldwell, Founder of Global Location Strategies on May 23 live on Linkedin.

Interview with Didi Caldwell on technology in site selection on May 23

On Tuesday, May 23rd at 15:00 (CET), Managing Director Andreas Dressler will be joined by Didi Caldwell of Global Location Strategies (GLS) for an interview on the topic: “Revolutionizing the site selection process through the use of technology”. 

Having worked in FDI for most of her 25-years career, Didi Caldwell is one of the world’s most authoritative site selection and incentive negotiations experts. Specializing in industrial and manufacturing sectors, her company –– Global Location Strategies –– is a two-time Inc. 5000 recipient and has led worldwide location projects with announced capital investments of $39 billion and more than 12,800 jobs in the last decade alone.  

The interview will include key questions related to site selection and her experience as a woman in a male-dominated industry, including: 

  • How the Infrastructure Act and the Inflation Reduction Act is driving large investment projects into the US 
  • New trends and criteria in corporate location selection, both in the US and internationally  
  • How new technology changes site selection processes 
  • The implications of technological changes for the work of IPAs 
  • Experiences working in the male-dominated construction industry 
  • Industry progress in terms of gender equality 
  • GLS’s internal ambitions to achieve greater equality 

The interview is expected to last approximately 30 minutes and will be livestreamed via LinkedIn. To watch the interview, please join the event on LinkedIn.    

This interview is the fourth interview of a monthly repeating interview series as part of the Towards Gender Equality in FDI initiative. Every month, female guest speakers will be invited to speak about a particular aspect of foreign direct investment and investment promotion. These very practical conversations will highlight best practices and explore the intersection of FDI and gender equality. 

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