Cover image displaying FDI Center's presence at AIM Congress in May 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

FDI Center will take part in the AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi in May

FDI Center has been an official knowledge partner of AIM for over 10 years and will return to the conference again this year to take part. AIM Congress is an investment conference that brings together investors, entrepreneurs and government sectors from around the globe annually to Abu Dhabi. They serve as a platform for all sectors to have an open discussion of the latest investment trends and opportunities particularly emerging markets and growing technologies as well as exchange ideas and explore potential partnerships. 

On the opening day of the Congress, FDI Center will host a workshop on May 7 at 16:00-17:30 on “How to Provide What Investors Want”. This will be a very practical session that will offer IPAs detailed insight into how corporate investors make international expansion and location decisions. Participants will learn about their key requirements, the factors that influence their decisions and how IPAs can respond to their needs. The session will allow you to become more responsive to investors, tailor your IPA’s support to what is most important to them and help you to win projects based on the value you deliver. The session will be delivered by our Managing Director, Andreas Dressler and Director, Dr. Kim J. Zietlow. 

In conjunction to this workshop, the team will also be taking part in panel discussions. Kim will be speaking on a panel on May 8th at 15:00 on ‘Start-ups: Contributing to Economic Growth’. On May 9th, Kim will also be moderating a panel on “Unicorns: Urban Connectivity in Turbulent Times” at 11:15 as well as participating in a panel later in the day at 15:45 on “Geopolitical Tensions: Mitigating Global Risk in your Portfolio”.

Andreas will be moderating the Georgia closed round table on May 8th at 14:30-16:00 in Capital Suite 15. He will also be moderating a panel at 16:30 on “Make It in The Emirates: Emerging Opportunities and Industrial Growth. 

The following day on May 9th, Andreas will take part in the Regional Focus Forum with UNIDO and WAIPA at 11:45. In addition, he will moderate a panel later at 14:20 on ‘Quality FDI: Attracting Meaningful Investments for Economic Growth’, where he will be talking about how to attract quality over quantity investment to secure stable and long-term economic prosperity. 

We look forward to welcoming participants to these sessions. The full agenda of the congress can be found online. 

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