Promotional image of the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable in Astana on November 17, 2023.

FDI Center to moderate at the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable

On November 17, 2023, the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable will be held in Astana. This is an annual event that serves as a platform to facilitate dialogue between the state and the international investment community. FDI Center’s Director, Dr. Kim J. Zietlow will be one of three moderators of the roundtable. This year’s edition of the event will focus on investment that supports sustainable regional growth.  

In his role at the event, Kim will moderate the panel discussion “Innovative responses to regional challenges: investments in advanced technologies.” He will be delving into how investment in advanced technologies can advance regional economic development and overcome challenges, including those brought about by climate change. The panel will address questions as to how we can utilize our intelligence and resources to develop innovative technologies and solutions, effectively cooperate across borders, and pool the wealth of financial and industrial resources for the better.

On the agenda of the Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable, there will be a number of panel discussions. These include: “Innovative responses to regional challenges”; “Regional clusters as a point of attraction for investors”; “New opportunities for developing transit potential” and “How to saturate the regional market with your own products”. Participants of the event will also be discussing investment opportunities in Kazakhstan’s regions, transportation potential, a new range of logistics services, modern sustainable production, expanding export potential, innovative technologies, and investments in cutting-edge technologies.  

The roundtable event will bring together over 500 representatives of international as well as domestic companies and business, investors, experts and thought leaders to the capital city. The event will also be attended by the leaders of Kazakhstan’s ministries and Alikhan Smailov, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  

More details about the conference can be found on the organizer’s website here.  

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