Promotional image of Kim Zietlow's participation at WebSummit in Lisbon on November 13-1 6.

FDI Center to host Policy Makers stage and roundtable at WebSummit

At the upcoming WebSummit, the world’s leading tech conference, on November 13- 16, FDI Center’ Director, Dr. Kim J. Zietlow will host the Policy Makers stage and a roundtable on the use of AI in investment attraction. 

As part of our collaboration with WebSummit, Kim will be hosting the Policy Makers stage during the conference. This stage will tackle the topic of how public policy can keep up with ever-developing and advancing technology. This also extends to the importance of regulations and policies in ensuring technological revolutions, such as AI and quantum computing, do not exacerbate inequality in societies around the world. The specific topics to be addressed include: “Regulating AI”; “How policy can promote innovation”; “Public policy for good?”; and “Regulating big tech”. Panellists will include high profile European politicians, ministers and mayors including Vice-Chancellor of Germany Robert Habeck, the Prime Minister of Portugal, President Osmani of Kosovo,  Didier Reynders the Commissioner for Justice at European Commission and Margrethe Vestager the EU commissioner for competition.

Kim is also organizing and hosting the roundtable “The role of AI in investor attraction and support” on Wednesday, 15 November at 14:00. This roundtable will address how investment promotion agencies (IPAs) can be proactive in using AI tools for their own investment attraction, promotion, facilitation and aftercare work.

Early findings and use cases show that the opportunities and possibilities to incorporate AI in the work of IPAs have great promise. This roundtable will introduce and discuss different AI tools and best practice examples for serving investors better, faster and more accurately. Joining Kim on the roundtable will be representatives from a number of investment promotion agencies from around the world. The latest updates of the roundtable can be found on WebSummit’s website.

To meet or catch up with Kim at WebSummit, please feel free to reach out to Kim at

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