Dr Kim J. Zietlow at the annual meeting of Baden Württemberg's economic development agencies

FDI Center speaks at annual meeting of Baden-Württemberg’s EDAs

On December 1, 2022, FDI Center’s Director Dr. Kim J. Zietlow participated in the 30th annual meeting of Baden-Württemberg’s economic development agencies. On the border to neighboring France and Switzerland, the state is Germany’s economic powerhouse and home to more than 400 global world market leaders. At its annual gathering, more than 100 economic development representatives from state, regional, and communal level discussed current trends, challenges, and cooperation potential. 

Dr. Zietlow was invited to give a keynote speech about proactive FDI attraction. He outlined success factors and needs for organizational change. Further, he moderated a panel discussion with Rose Köpf-Schuler (Head of Department 4, SMEs and Tourism at Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism), Nadine Kaiser (Managing Director, Economic Development Agency of Region Ostwürttemberg), Irina Rode (Head of Site Development, L-Bank), and Lukas Ammer (Department Head, Baden-Württemberg International). Against the backdrop of the state’s record number of 455 FDI projects in 2021, the discussion circled around the state’s competitive advantages and location strengths. Mrs. Köpf-Schuler outlined the Ministry’s priorities for future target sectors and technologies such as Greentech, quantum computing, and other frontier technologies. Dr. Zietlow warned that the transition from reactive to proactive FDI attraction requires strong focus, coordination, and strategic alignment across all stakeholders. Mr. Ammer outlined that Baden-Württemberg International stands ready to build the necessary capacities and competencies. 

On the sidelines of the event, Dr. Zietlow spoke with various regional and communal economic development representatives about their critical role in investment attraction. The audience was curious to learn from FDI Center about its global experiences and perspectives and initial follow-up conversations are already planned.  

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