FDI Center's Managing Director, Andreas Dressler at the conference on In-Country-Value in Oman

FDI Center presents at conference on In-Country-Value in Oman

FDI Center’s Managing Director, Andreas Dressler, presented at the In-Country Value (ICV) Global Practitioners Connect Event, held in Muscat, Oman from November 14 to 16, 2022.  Oman LNG organized the conference in collaboration with Petroleum Development Oman and Shell Development Oman. The event explored best practices and practical approaches for the oil and gas sector to contribute to ICV in terms of employment and opportunities for local suppliers as well as the energy transition, digitalization, ESG and workforce development.

Participants and presenters included ICV practitioners from Oman and other countries including Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Norway. Andreas’s presentation explored the links between foreign direct investment and ICV. Additionally, his presentation provided examples of countries and investment promotion agencies that have successfully used FDI to build successful industry sectors that have stimulated the development of local suppliers and workforce skills.

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