FDI Center participates in the Barranquilla Investment Conference

FDI Center contributed to two sessions at the Barranquilla Investment Conference (BIC), an annual event organized by ProBarranquilla for Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) in Colombia and other Latin American countries. FDI Center’s managing director, Andreas Dressler, provided an overview of the key FDI trends worldwide, focusing on opportunities for attracting corporate investment across a range of sectors. FDI Center’s Paola Suarez Buhrmann moderated an online panel discussion with representatives from four Colombian IPAs. The panelists were Juan Gabriel Perez from Invest in Bogota, Andrea Barrero from Invest Pacific, Maria Camila Salas from Invest in Cartagena and Bolivar, and Maria Alejandra Henriquez from ProBarranquilla. The discussion focused on the role of IPAs to continue generating sustainable economic development in their respective regions through the attraction and retention of investment.

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