FDI Center holds online panel discussion on the future of cities as hubs for investment

Cities have traditionally been hubs for investment and talent. This year’s events have raised questions about the future concentration of activity in urban areas and have led to predictions that businesses and people will move away from cities. FDI Center organized an online panel discussion on how cities around the world can continue to compete for investment and talent while contributing to innovation, sustainability, and economic growth. The panelists were Hilde van der Meer, Managing Director of amsterdam inbusiness, Marja-Liisa Niinikoski, Chief Executive Officer of Helsinki Business Hub, Alejo Baltasar Rodriguez Cacio, General Director of investBA (Buenos Aires), and Stephen Lund, Chief Executive Officer of Toronto Global. The discussion focused on the role of cities as locations for FDI and the strategies that economic development and investment promotion agencies of metropolitan areas can pursue to continue attracting investment and talent. A recording of the discussion can be seen here.

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