FDI Center evaluates Business Finland’s role in attracting high-value investment to the country

FDI Center participated in the study “World-class Ecosystems and Competitive Business Environment” carried out by Copenhagen Economics. The study aimed to understand how Business Finland can continue developing synergies between investment promotion and ecosystem development activities. FDI Center’s role was focused on evaluating the additionality of Business Finland’s support in the investment decisions process of foreign companies investing in Finland. To analyze the investment attraction efforts of Business Finland, FDI Center conducted a series of interviews to comprehend the reasons for international companies to select Finland as an investment location as well as their experiences of operating in the country. 

Evaluating the impact of FDI is essential for investment promotion agencies seeking to measure and communicate the value oftheir activities. Working with specialized partners, FDI Center is able to offer a complete assessment of an agency’s performance, including the impact ofspecific investment attraction initiatives, incentive programs or the agency overall. The impact study is available here.

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