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Quality over Quantity FDI: Jobs still the currency of investment promotion

About this webinar

FDI Center’s Andreas Dressler joined Jacopo Dettoni, host of fDI Intelligence’s series, Next FDI to talk about Quality over Quantity FDI. 

Attracting “quality” investment is at the top of the agenda of countries and investment promotion agencies around the world. It sounds great, but it also brings along numerous challenges when it comes to defining, and measuring success. What is “quality” investment in the first place? Is it about job creation, environmental impact, or ESG measures as a whole? What are the best KPIs to keep track of it? Watch the recording to gain the answers to some of the most pressing issues IPA’s are facing today. 

The role of industrial and special zones in the economic recovery

About this webinar

The world is facing an unprecedented economic challenge. Companies have announced massive lay-offs, closure of several operations, and plans to relocate facilities. Industrial and special zones are an important destination for FDI in many countries worldwide, especially in developing countries. These zones play an essential role in supporting companies and regions to create sustainable economic growth.

In this panel, we discussed the role of industrial and special zones in the economic recovery. This panel addressed topics such as:

  • How can zones contribute to the economic recovery efforts of their regions?
  • What are the main challenges that zones are facing at the moment?
  • Which type of opportunities exists for zones to attract new investment projects?
  • When should zones adapt their strategies and operating models to the new environment?
  • Why is it essential for zones to continue investing in sustainable projects?


This discussion provided crucial and practical advice for industrial and special zones as well as entities working together with these institutions that are looking for innovative ways to remain competitive in the modern economy.

Digital transformation in investment promotion

About this webinar

The adoption of digital technologies by investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and other organizations responsible for attracting investment to their locations is growing. Digital approaches have the potential to increase the effectiveness of all of an IPA’s activities, from promoting the location and identifying potential investors to engaging with decision makers and providing value through digital service delivery. This discussion focuses on the increasing use of digital technologies by IPAs and similar organizations and the key success factors for digital transformation in investment promotion. Topics addressed include:

  • In what areas of investment promotion, attraction and facilitation can digital technologies have the greatest impact?
  • What are the advantages of digital technology relative to conventional approaches and how can the two be combined?
  • To what degree can digital technologies enhance IPA performance and generate greater results?
  • What are the prerequisites and key success factors for successful digital transformation in investment promotion?
  • What are the potential costs and returns of implementing digital technologies?
  • What organizational changes are required for digital transformation to be possible?


This discussion provides essential and practical advice for all investment promotion and economic development agencies seeking to use digital technologies to their full advantage.

The future of investment promotion

About this webinar

The global economic and political environment is changing dramatically. This will create significant challenges – but also opportunities – for investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and other organizations responsible for attracting investment to their locations. IPAs will need to change their business models and, in some cases, reinvent themselves to continue delivering value.

FDI Center, in collaboration with WAIPA, organized this panel discussion on the future of investment promotion. Some of the topics addressed include:

  • What are the main challenges that IPAs will face in the near to medium term
  • How can IPAs contribute to their government’s economic recovery efforts?
  • What opportunities exist for IPAs to attract new investment?
  • How will the role of IPAs and similar organizations change?
  • How can IPAs adjust their strategies and operating models to adapt to the new environment?
  • How can IPAs remain relevant and continue to generate economic returns and societal value?


This discussion provides timely practical advice for economic development agencies and investment promotion agencies from around the world that are seeking to remain competitive in the new environment.

Investment attraction and retention strategies for free trade zones

About this webinar

FDI Center was invited by AZFA (The Free Trade Zones Association of the Americas) to present at the Virtual Trade Summit „Reinventing foreign trade in the era of COVID-19” on April 2, 2020. FDI Center’s Paola Suarez Buhrmann provided an overview of the impact of coronavirus on the economy, focusing on foreign direct investment, and provided practical measures for free trade zones, investment promotion agencies, and governments to continue attracting and retaining foreign investment. More than 1,600 attendees from 196 cities in 58 countries participated in the event.

How to compete for investment in industry 4.0

About this video

FDI Center managing director Andreas Dressler moderates a panel discussion at the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) in Dubai. Entitled “How to Compete for Investment in industry 4.0”, the session focuses on the competition among countries, regions and cities to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) with a high degree of value and innovation, particularly in the manufacturing sector. The expression “Industry 4.0” is often used as a catch-all term for these types of activities, and the session explores what “Industry 4.0” really means and the requirements that a location must fulfill for becoming an attractive location for Industry 4.0 investment.

The panelists in the discussion are Henrik von Scheel (Originator of Industry 4.0), Antti Aumo (Executive Director, Invest in Finland), Pilar Madrigal (Director at the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency, CINDE), Fatima Al Arabi (CEO at ALAF Capital), Joao Vasconcelos (Advisor at Clearwater International) and Lee Gibson Grant (Founder, DTX Project).

Andreas Dressler has participated in the last seven consecutive AIM conferences as a speaker and moderator. Hosted by the UAE Ministry of Economy, AIM is one of the leading investment-related events, attended by senior government officials and corporate executives from around the world.