The role of industrial and special zones in the economic recovery

About this webinar

The world is facing an unprecedented economic challenge. Companies have announced massive lay-offs, closure of several operations, and plans to relocate facilities. Industrial and special zones are an important destination for FDI in many countries worldwide, especially in developing countries. These zones play an essential role in supporting companies and regions to create sustainable economic growth.

In this panel, we discussed the role of industrial and special zones in the economic recovery. This panel addressed topics such as:

  • How can zones contribute to the economic recovery efforts of their regions?
  • What are the main challenges that zones are facing at the moment?
  • Which type of opportunities exists for zones to attract new investment projects?
  • When should zones adapt their strategies and operating models to the new environment?
  • Why is it essential for zones to continue investing in sustainable projects?


This discussion provided crucial and practical advice for industrial and special zones as well as entities working together with these institutions that are looking for innovative ways to remain competitive in the modern economy.

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