Digital transformation in investment promotion

About this webinar

The adoption of digital technologies by investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and other organizations responsible for attracting investment to their locations is growing. Digital approaches have the potential to increase the effectiveness of all of an IPA’s activities, from promoting the location and identifying potential investors to engaging with decision makers and providing value through digital service delivery. This discussion focuses on the increasing use of digital technologies by IPAs and similar organizations and the key success factors for digital transformation in investment promotion. Topics addressed include:

  • In what areas of investment promotion, attraction and facilitation can digital technologies have the greatest impact?
  • What are the advantages of digital technology relative to conventional approaches and how can the two be combined?
  • To what degree can digital technologies enhance IPA performance and generate greater results?
  • What are the prerequisites and key success factors for successful digital transformation in investment promotion?
  • What are the potential costs and returns of implementing digital technologies?
  • What organizational changes are required for digital transformation to be possible?


This discussion provides essential and practical advice for all investment promotion and economic development agencies seeking to use digital technologies to their full advantage.

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