Location Decisions has co-authored an article in Area Development Magazine 

Locations Decisions, the sister company of FDI Center, has co-authored an article in Area Development Magazine. Location Decisions is a specialized location advisory firm that assists companies from different industries to select the best locations for their investments worldwide.  

The article explores how geographical factors influence corporate renewable energy strategies and achievements. For an ever-growing number of companies, reaching net-zero emissions by 2030 has become paramount. Ensuring alignment between site selection and corporate carbon goals is crucial to successfully meet these targets. These goals include carbon-offsetting initiatives, reducing emissions, minimizing transportation’s carbon footprint, collaborating with supply chain partners, and using renewable power sources. The article also includes recent renewable energy strategies in site selection around the world with a focus on Europe, the USA and Asia.  

The article is a joint piece by Location Decisions, Tractus and BLS & co. It can be viewed on the Area Development Magazine website here. It can also be read in the June print issue of the Area Development Magazine.  

The article in Area Development Magazine is a triad of individual articles by Location Decisions, Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Co. and Tractus. For insights pertaining to Europe on the global renewable energy landscape, check out the article on our website. For insights on other areas of the globe, check out BLS & Co. and Tractus’s articles on the United States and Asia. 

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