Investing in the U.S. – is now the right time?

Picture of the SelectUSA Summit 2022

Following the SelectUSA Investment Summit held in Washington DC this June, here is FDI Center’s Andreas Dressler’s take on what this year’s event meant for corporate decision makers and IPAs.

Sustainable investment policy: the role of investment promotion agencies  

The interconnection between sustainability and foreign direct investment (FDI) is real and is happening now. Following our moderation of two panels at the OECD’s Strengthening sustainable investment policies: FDI Qualities Ministerial Council Meeting; here are our key takeaways for investment promotion agencies.

Retaining talent in investment promotion

Finding the right talent for your investment promotion agency (IPA) or economic development organization (EDO) can be challenging. Retaining good employees can be even more difficult and turnover rates in the field of investment attraction are typically high. Keeping a motivated, multicultural, multilingual, multigender, and multigenerational workforce is an essential area of focus for your […]